Tips for flying with kids

Tips for flying with kids

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Kinderling Kids’ Radio parenting expert, Chris Minogue understands that flying with the littlies can be a challenge.  However with some preparation and patience you may even find it a pleasure.

Here are Chris's top tips for flying with babies, toddlers and young children.

Top tips for babies:

  1. Feed babies every 3 hours to keep them well hydrated. On a long-haul flight (over 9 hours), they can have one 6-hour period of sleep where you do not have to wake for a feed.

  2. When using the bassinette, take a muslin to gently wrap the baby’s arms before they sleep as the bassinettes are quite narrow. By wrapping, they generally sleep better because they’re not bumping themselves on the sides when the move.

  3. Travel prams can really help free up your arms while waiting to board the plane. Many now fit in the overhead locker.

Top tips for toddlers:

  1. Where possible, pay for an extra seat as toddlers are very mobile! Take your car seat and put it in the plane seat (consult with the airline first). Toddlers often sit for longer periods in their car seats.

  2. Take on board a snack pack with things they will eat as airlines may not have foods they are familiar with – this is not the time to experiment with their diet!

  3. Get them familiar with wearing a headset so that they can be distracted by the inflight entertainment.

Top tips for young children:

  1. Bring their own headsets so they can use the entertainment centre (and listen to Kinderling Kids Radio!).

  2. Don’t overload them with a backpack that has a lot in it, as most airlines provide an activity pack and you will end up carrying the backpack as well as your own baggage!

  3. Dress them in comfortable clothing such as leggings or a tracksuit because they will sleep longer if they are more comfortable.

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